Is It a ‘5’ or a ‘6’? The Answer Could Make an Art Fortune

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Is It a ‘5’ or a ‘6’? The Answer Could Make an Art Fortune→「5」か「6」か?その答えがアートの未来を作ることができる

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The head of a major Italian museum says a bronze owned by a friend was made in 1597 by a revered[1.] sculptor, but others say it was cast a century later and is worth far less. 崇敬された彫刻像

1.(verb.)(深い尊敬・愛情をもって)〈人・ものなどを〉崇敬する,あがめる 《★【類語】 ⇒worship》.

For years, Alexander Rudigier, a London-based art dealer, has been on a quest[2.] to prove[3.] that a bronze figure of a bathing woman discovered 30 years ago in the house of a Paris scrap merchant[4.] is by the venerated [5.]Renaissance sculptor Giambologna. 何年も、ロンドンを拠点とするアートディーラーの Alexander Rudigier は30年前にパリの廃品回収業者で発見された、ルネッサンス期の 敬慕された ジャンボローニャによる入浴する裸婦のブロンズ像について証明する為の探究を続けてきた。

2.探求,追求 〔for〕.

3. to prove clearly 明らかに証明する

4. scrap merchant (noun.) 廃品回収業者

5. 〈…を〉大いに尊ぶ,崇拝する,敬慕する.

Look at the master’s familiar flourishes, he said. He has documents found in Italian archives. And scientific tests, he insisted, support his conclusion. Yet Mr. Rudigier, who is a part owner of the sculpture, has been struggling to get the art world on his side. Though some art historians support him, other experts on Giambologna believe the work is merely a clunky 17th-century copy of a marble Giambologna now in the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and thus probably worth millions less. But in September Mr. Rudigier’s cause received a boost when the sculpture, “Bathing Venus,” was included in an exhibition of Florentine bronzes organized by the world-renowned Uffizi Galleries in Florence, where it was identified as being an original work by the hand of Giambologna.